The Final Report 2017 (Who Do You Think You Are?)

Ready To Be Your Fool Again

For What It’s Worth

The Galaxy Song

Guru Slumlord

Developer’s Blues

Tax Breaks For The Wealthy

There is so much confusion about the actual policy of the Republican party, especially regarding the usual devisive issues raised to convince mid and lower class folks to vote against their better interests. I have taken on the task of defining the core function of the party. Tax breaks for the wealthy.

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JT Easy and the JT Shakers surface every so often to comment on current culture and affairs. This particular song, co-written with Craig Nuttycomb is a somber look at our western culture’s addiction to ‘stuff’. The song moves along in a smooth folksy reggae beat and is not preachy, just insightful and thoughtful.

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Lizards From Space

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