Easy (aka: Steve Lester) has written music for and played with…

‘The Boys Next Door’

Terry Talbot of Mason Profit

‘The Late Show’


‘The Shadow Mountain Band’

‘Mojave Ryhthm’

and many more…

He has collaborated artistically with…

Harry Nilsson

As well as writing songs for…

Harold Battiste, who, at that time, was Sonny and Cher’s musical director.

And has performed alongside the…

  • Beach Boys,
  • Chuck Berry,
  • Jerry Lee Lewis,
  • Herman’s Hermits,
  • The Hollies,
  • Bobby Goldsboro,
  • The Dirt Band,
  • The Allman Brothers,
  • Richie Havens,
  • Paul Barrere of Little Feat,
  • and many others.